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M-PV Same Vine 2015

Rennie Vineyard

M-PV Same Vine 2015
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/ 750mL Bottle
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Definitely not your everyday blended wine

  There are blends of the same varietal picked in different vineyards across the state, different vineyard blocks within a single vineyard, different lots, numbered by picking dates, a blend from tanks and barrels or barrels of differing ages, And of course blends of different clones and more commonly different varietals either from different vineyards or perhaps the same..

One vine, two varietals: so one vine creates a blend

   Our M*PV blend needs some introduction as it turns the concept of blending on its head. It is a blend of Malbec and Petit Verdot growing on the same vine and so the two varietals share the same roots. A birds eye view of the trellis on which our vines are trained would look almost like an H. It is called a split quadrilateral trellis and we grafted Petit Verdot on to the south facing spur and Malbec onto the north facing side. The Malbec ripens quickly on the north side, whilte the Petit Verdot enjoys the extra amounts of sunshine and heat it needs to reach fruit maturity by facing the sun all afternoon everyday.

This is our second vintage of M*PV

   And since our first release was a hit we followed the same protocol. The varietals were harvested and fermented separately. After 13 months of barrel aging, in January 2017 we blended them in equal parts and returned the blend to mature in barrels for a further 17 months before bottling in June 2018.

   Malbec grape is plump and juicy and so too is the wine. It's fruity richness is satisfying and smooth. Bring on the high notes in the Petit Verdot with its structure, tannins and tart cranberry lift and you have the M*PV.

Wine Specs
Yorkville Highlands, Mendocino
6.8 g/L
30 mos.
Residual Sugar
Alcohol %