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Amber Folly 2018

Randle Hill Vineyard

Amber Folly 2018
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"Orange Is The New White." (no oranges were harmed)

Others call it The New Rosé. Rather than the “new rosé,” consider orange wines an anti-rosé, with something of an inverse production process: While rosés are made from red grapes, with their skins removed early in the maceration time, orange wines are made from white grapes, which can stay with their skins—and even stems for an extended period, giving these wines a tannic structure that rosés generally lack. Orange wines predate white wines and their distinctive character evolved organically as part of a culture of wine and food. 

Our Amber Folly Was Treated Like A Red Wine

Left to sit and ferment on its skins, which gives it depth and color unlike other white wines. Blend: 100% skin fermented Semillon.

Harvested: Oct. 3, 2018; Pressed Oct. 17
Fermentation: 14 days in open top vats using indigenous, natural yeast of our terroir
Barrel Aging:  4 months in 100% neutral French Oak

Our juicy, pulpy, aromatic mixture filled just five half-ton open top bins where we left it to ferment in the dark coolness of the cellar. Native yeasts from the vineyard and ambient yeasts in the winery played relay consuming the grape sugars, and after just two weeks the juice had turned to wine. The resulting alcohol then extracted flavor, color and tannins from the skin, so this wine speaks to all senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and.... intellect.

Orange Wine: New And Trendy With Ancient Origins

Take a moment to consider that this ancient technique has been used over many thousands of years in the mountains of Georgia, the region of the world considered to be the birthplace of winemaking.
We know that the majority of a red wine 's character comes from its skin and so it is with white wine too. Leaving the skins allows us to draw on a huge reservoir of character and complexity. Look for aromas of butterscotch and honeysuckle and flavors of baked apples and figs; enjoy the long, slightly, chalky finish.

Chefs and Somms Give Thumbs Up

This traditional technique has recently been revived and appreciated particularly among chefs. And we think the best way to introduce yourself to the wine is at the table. Don't over chill the wine. And pour it into a large glass to open up the aromas. Take a fresh look at what a white wine can be!

Experts describe the drink as robust and bold. The deep orange hue comes from the lignin found in grape seeds. Wine connoisseurs and experts suggest pairing orange wine with foods that have a bold and pronounced taste and flavour. This can include curry dishes, Moroccan and Ethiopian cuisines, Korean dishes that consist of fermented kimchi, and of course traditional Georgian cuisine.

Wine Specs
Yorkville Highlands, Mendocino
Vineyard Designation
Randle Hill Organic Vineyard
5 months
Alcohol %