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Hi-Rollrs Wine Club

Thank you for your interest. We would be honored to have you join our
club with one of the options below.

• No Membership Fees        • Discounts start today        • 20 to 30% savings      • Complimentary VIP vineyard tours

• Special club events        • Access to limited wines      • Priority on large format bottles

• Cancel with no cost at any time after accepting four shipments.

There is no cost to join. If this membership is a gift, include a message you would like to have sent along with the first shipment.

Why Hi-Rollrs ?

"Hi-Rollrs is Boontling for folks who live in the Yorkville area in Mendocino County. Bootling was a local language created and used by the nearly 2,000 residents in the area surrounding Boonville between 1880 and 1920's. The name "Boontling" is derived from the combination of "Boont" referring to Boonville, and "lingo", and first arose among the locals working the hop fields and apple orchards.