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A Few Nice Words About Us

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"Plan to stay long enough to play the Name That Varietal game. It’s truly a tricky one, even for those of us who work in the wine industry! I’ll just say that my husband received an average scoring while I received an above average score ;) It was a lot of fun! When visiting, don’t be surprised to spot a variety of animals wandering the vineyards, including the neighbor’s sheep, turkeys, and the vineyard cat, Slate."

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"One of the 10 Best California Wineries with a View"

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The 10 best things to do in Mendocino County....
"Try Yorkville Cellars, the only winery this side of France that grows all eight Bordeaux varietals."

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"Located at the top of Anderson Valley (before you enter or upon leaving it) Yorkville Cellars is a gem… this winery is making some of the best Bordeaux blends you’ll taste. And their prices feel like steals..."

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"The only place in the world that grows all of the great grapes of Bordeaux on one property. There really is nothing like Yorkville Cellars to see the great wines of Bordeaux in an entirely new way. And the winery’s commitment for over 30 years to sustainable, organic practices puts them a step above the rest. This is a ‘must-visit’ winery..."

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"Yorkville's tasting room is on Highway 128, a picturesque road that winds past vineyards, sheep ranches and apple orchards before plunging through the redwood forest to emerge at the Mendocino coastline. Dogs welcome. Biscuits and water provided."

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"Yorkville Cellars: Where Fine Organic Wines Are a Family Affair. Accordint to is over 7,000 years old, and it's really only in the last 50 that we've had herbicides and pesticides, meaning for 6,950 years all that wine was made from organic grapes like we're doing now. So it's really the traditional way, not the new whiz bang thing."

Click to read review by The Thirsty Kitten
"Oh, Yorkville Cellars, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. So, this week we offer you a top ten list for what we love most about Yorkville Cellars. As hard as it was to narrow to just ten, we did our best."

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"Organic growers like the Wallos instead rely on more time-tested methods. “We put sheep in the vineyard most years until the vines start coming out. They both give us fertilizer and eat a lot of the weeds and grasses; but they don’t get it all, so a person has to go up to all 21,500 vines with a hoe and a shovel and deal with all those remaining weeds and grasses."

Click to read review by The First Sip

"A HIDDEN GEM IN MENDOCINO COUNTY - Yorkville Cellars is a must-visit winery, and absolutely worth seeking out – about 30 minutes from Healdsburg. No traffic lights, no tour buses, no fast food, and low-key. It feels like Napa was 30 – 40 years ago when you walk and talk with owners and winemakers, Edward and Deborah, through gorgeous hillside vineyards."

"Everything about the wines produced by Yorkville Cellars reflects the bounty and abundance of their organic vineyards, carefully nurtured through the years. Visit the tasting room (appointment only during COVID), where the sheer knowledge and friendliness of the owners and long-time staff create a singular tasting experience. Let yourself drink in the variety and depth of flavor embodied in their wines, making your own bright memories."